So You’re Ready to Become A Hero?

I’m so excited that you’re ready to join me in our mission to help others in need, particularly those currently fighting cancer. 

Below are 4 types of heroes that you can become, choose the hero that best works for you. 

We’re currrently working on our back end system and will keep you posted through heroes only email updates. 

What Hero Will You Be?

National Hero

$10 per month

  • Added to our hero’s only email updates
  • Receive news about people we help and program updates
  • Receive a special thank you for helping me help others

Super Hero

$25 per month

  • Same as National hero PLUS,
  • A profile in our website
  • mentions in our social media
  • highlight your cause, business or profession
  • Or simply choose to be anonymous

    Ultimate Hero

    $50 per month

    • Same as Super hero PLUS,
    • A PR blog article
    • More monthly social media mentions
    • Highlighted in our email newsletters
    • Potentially invited to be a guest in our podcast or affiliate video series
    • Or simply choose to be anonymous

    Xtreme Hero

    $100 per month

    This hero, like myself, wants to genuinely give back to someone in need because they can financially support that act of giving.

    • Same as Ultimate hero PLUS,
    • You’re named as a sponsor to one of our upcoming donations to an individual
    • Or simply choose to be anonymous

    Our First Goal

    Begin Monthly Donations

    Let’s get to 50+ Heroes and we’ll begin to donate to other cancer warriors in need!