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I’m Jose. I’m a Cancer Fighter, Digital Marketer, A Significant Other, Father, Son and soon to be Grandfather! I invite you to follow my journey.

I will be blogging about my cancer experience, sharing marketing insights, and business. I invite you to join me and get updates.

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Just a Quick Update… While My Website is Ready.

The mindset one needs to fight cancer is an exhausting one especially when your cancer comes back one month after ending six months of treatment. My outlook was to spend time regaining my strength and recovering from the side effects caused by the chemo treatments. I wanted to get back to living life with my best friend, partner, and love, plus I wanted to get back to working on my business; instead, I am faced with the fact that I need to dig deep and adjust my mindset once again.

It has taken a little more than two months to know what my next treatments will look like, sadly they’ll be more difficult than before. This time instead of going in every two weeks for a few hours of chemo, I will need to be an in-patient at the hospital for a minimum of 3 days each time. This chemo cocktail will be more aggressive just like my cancer. For those that don’t know I have stage four Hodgkin Lymphoma, it’s the type of cancer that if you were forced to choose one you would choose this one. It responds easily to chemotherapy and like one doctor told my it cuts through cancer like a knife.

That’s great, but it tends to come back in a few years. MINE CAME BACK in ONE MONTH! It’s just so difficult to accept but I need to. I need to also get past the depression that I have been feeling and get myself ready for three treatments of this new cocktail.

Yes, three treatments. I go into the hospital for 3 days, rest for 21 days, go back for 3, rest 21 and then go back for three but the last 3-day treatment I will need to be in Atlanta. This is where I will need to prepare for a stem cell transplant.

The stem cell transplant is similar to dialysis. I won’t need a donor since they will collect my stem cells from my own blood about a week or two after that third chemo treatment. I go home with some self-administered shots that will help build my cells for what comes next.

I will return to Atlanta a couple of weeks later. There I will be admitted to the hospital for about 3 to 4 weeks. The first week I will be given another extensive round of chemo that will literally wipe out my cells in my bone marrow. This is done to help completely rid my body of cancer.

As you can imagine, this is really dangerous since something as simple as a cold can make me so sick because my body at that time will no longer be able to fight against any infection. After this they give me back my stem cells so that my bone marrow can begin to heal and produce white blood cells again. The recovery time at this point is only 10 to 14 days, a process that once used to take months.

I will eventually be allowed to leave the hospital but will need to stick around Atlanta to make sure that I continue to have positive results, with no complications.

Another slightly discouraging part of the impatient process is that due to COVID I may end up having to spend the entire 3 to 4 weeks alone and for those of you that don’t know I have the best caregiver EVER. She would want to be able to be there with me, but could you imagine I get COVID during this time, talk about immune compromised, I would probably not be able to survive.

Now, you would think that after all of this I should be done with cancer… exactly what I thought so I asked the question… what is the likelihood that the cancer returns? I was shocked to hear that it’s still 50% at this point… ONLY 50%!!!

So, in order to raise that percentage, I will still need to have a chemo treatment once a month for a YEAR!!! Talk about needing to find a positive mindset through all of this. I try not to get stuck in my own head thinking about it all but now that I am no longer waiting to hear about what will happen next I need to keep distracted. I need to get back to walking, exercising, and eating healthier… I mean we did just finish up the holidays… lol. I also need to work on this, writing in my new blog. I find that it does help me by sharing my thoughts and keep me distracted. It also helps when I hear from all of you that are following me.

I thank you so much for making it this far into this blog post and hope you subscribe for updates. I have many cool things that Ammie and I are developing which I wish to share with all of you… so subscribe! 😊
In the meantime, thank you for your love and support through all of this. Take care and I will blog soon.