Jose A. Rosa

Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer,
2x Cancer Survivor, Yankees Fan.

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Hi, I’m glad that we’re getting this opportunity to connect. A brief history about me is that I am of Puerto Rican decent and was born and raised in the Bronx, NY, which explains why I am a Yankees fan. Below you will find information about my journey, businesses and projects.

Today with Jose

This is where you connect with me and my cancer journey, my businesses, and my projects.

My print and design website. Get online printing and design quotes on marketing materials like business cards, postcards, banners and more. 

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Speyre Network

Ready to think out the box! We’ll help you discover creative ways to use digital marketing like web, social, email and video to grow your business. 

Get my 8-minute newsletter that keeps you and your marketing team in the know.

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Live Like Locals

A community platform designed to be a local marketplace, inform and entertain locals and visitors in Savannah, GA & Jacksonville, FL

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Fractional CMO

Currently serve as the Fractional Chief Marketing Office for:

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