Interested in Donating?

My monthly giving program is designed to help me make it through these difficult times but it also gives me the opportunity to create programs where you can help me pay it forward.

There are two ways you can donate. One way is anonymously. In this way you’re basically making a donation once per month just because you care and you can.

The second way is by becoming a Jose’s Hero. In this way you’re making a donation but you’re also receiving recognition and bringing attention to your business, profession or your passion project.

I thank you for donating and invite you to choose the option that works best for you.

The Anonymous Hero

The Anonymous Hero was desinged for the person who simply would like to give to a special cause and really doesn’t need any recognition. They’re giving because they can and the want to. I thank you ahead of time for your monthly contribution to my wellness and also for supporting my upcoming programs.

Jose’s Heroes

Jose’s Heroes are people who have businesses and occupations that can use some publicity, as an entrepreneur myself I understand the need to be able to find customers whenever possible. Jose’s Heroes was designed for exactly that purpose, to create a win win situation between your giving and you having some exposure.