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Digital Print Consultation


The marketing landscape keeps changing! And how we make use of print and digital together to market to our clients is becoming an important factor in succeeding within our business. This Digital/Print Marketing Consultation allows us the opportunity to discuss what your current marketing ideas are and discover ideas on how to create the best print and/or digital marketing strategy.

Are you experiencing these problems?
  • What content should I put on your marketing material, is it too much?
  • Do I need a tri-fold or should I design a multi-page booklet?
  • Do I even need a printed copy?
  • What should the layout of my marketing material even look like?
  • Will an online download be sufficient for the content that I am sharing?
  • How do I direct customers to a potential sale, do I use a QR code?
  • Will I need a special landing page on my website?
  • Is there a simpler way to get my information to future customers?

I’ll get all your questions answered during your consultation, from there you’ll know exactly the next steps to take. I look forward to working with you.