“Great, you’re one step closer to improving your customer acquisition through social media!”

“Soon after placing your order I will reach out to you so we can schedule an online call. I look forward to working with you.” – Jose Rosa

Social Media Consultation


During this consultation you will be able to discover how you should use social media to grow your customer acquisition. Our goal is to determine how we can use social media for more than just likes and shares but to develop a true marketing strategy. We’ll take a look at how you’re currently marketing your business and how we can apply that to your social media platforms.

Are you asking yourself these questions?
  • How do I acquire customers through social media?
  • We post all the time on, how do I get more than just likes and shares? 
  • Do I need to spend money on boosting posts?
  • What social media platform should I use? 
  • How much do I need to spend on social media in order to acquire a customer?

I’ll get all your questions answered during your consultation, from there you’ll know exactly the next steps to take. I look forward to working with you.