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Ultimate Hero

“So glad that you’re interested in becoming an Ultimate  Hero. I’m excited to connect more with you than with most heroes do to your generosity and willing to be deeper involved”

As an Ultimate Hero you will be committing $50 per month. As a reward we’ll be sending you updates on our projects and (if you choose not to be anonymous) we will create a profile in our website to help support your business or profession.
Other benefits include a PR blog article written about you and your involvement, monthly social media mentions in all our partner platforms like Live Like Locals. Plus you’ll be invited to be a guest on my podcast and have access to planning stages to our programs.
As we continue to grow our platform other benefits will be created for this hero level.

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An Ultimate Hero is giving at $50 per month.

Xtreme Hero

$100 per month

WOW! An extreme hero wants to give back. They get all of the Ultimate Hero rewards plus they also sponsor one cancer patient into the Corah Cares program giving them the ability to receive our resources for free. Thank you HERO!