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Cancer Journey

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I’m a cancer fighter, a significant other to a fantastic caregiver, a son, a father, and a soon-to-be grandfather. I have spent my life as an entrepreneur and a digital marketer. I’ve realized that life is a journey and a challenge. We have great times and difficult...
A Life Changing Experience

A Life Changing Experience

As I look back now to my time in the hospital during my stem cell transplant, which has only been about a month ago as of the time of this writing, the feeling that overwhelms me is helplessness. The fact that all I did was lay in my hospital bed and do nothing....

stem cell
Stem Cell Collection Complete!

Stem Cell Collection Complete!

I’ve probably said this before but what’s harder than the physical effect of cancer is the mental ones, sure you struggle with all the side effects of chemo but your mental state controls everything after that. It’s been such a struggle to stay the course and not...

The Road to Emory

The Road to Emory

It’s so surreal to think that I am about to spend 30 days in a hospital. I’ve never in my life spent that much time consecutively at a hospital, a matter of fact I never spent any time in a hospital until this cancer diagnosis. This last round of chemo was a bit...

The cancer is back
The Cancer is Back!

The Cancer is Back!

The mindset one needs to fight cancer is an exhausting one, especially when your cancer comes back one month after ending six months of treatment. My outlook was to spend time regaining my strength and recovering from the side effects caused by the chemo...

A Path to Helping Others with Cancer

Give Back By Becoming a ‘Jose’s Hero’

Cancer is unforgiving. It can cause you to want to give up. I’m grateful that I have not allowed that feeling to overcome me. Instead, I find myself wanting to give back. I have connected with many other cancer warriors and want to help them make it through their journey in some way. But it’s not only cancer patients that I find myself wanting...

Donate Become A Hero

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”
– Anthony Robbins

Discover My Brands

A digital marketing company providing out of the box solutions using video, web, social, email and apps to build a stronger digital brand.

Caregiver's Guide to Cancer

We‘re sharing our journey as a cancer patient and a caregiver through a podcast. You‘ll hear how we navigated the process, what we wish we knew, what we learned and we‘re sharing stories and tips from other patients and caregivers.

A digital platform using web, social and an upcoming mobile app to help promote local activity currently in Savannah and Jacksonville. 

Corah Cares

An upcoming program to help support cancer patients who have recently discovered they have cancer.

An online website promoting discounted printing services. Great for printing brochures, rack cards, banners, posters and much more. 

Rise Social Club

An exciting new local social and networking group to begin in the Jacksonville Florida area, Details coming soon. 

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Exciting News to Share

Besides talking about my cancer journey, I want to share with you programs that I am working on that will help others in business, patients and caregivers with cancer and even young adult with education. I've realized that I need to #LIVELIFE different and really work on things that have more of an impact, so I invite you to join me on my journey. 


I'm so excited that you have chosen to join me on my journey.