Moving Forward with Business

I’m glad and so grateful to be able to say that I am a #CancerSurvivor and although I suffer from survivors’ guilt, I am doing all I can to move forward with my business life. So, what’s the plan and how can you all help?

For those of you that are still unsure of what I do, I am a digital marketer. I can build an online marketing strategy and help companies and professionals build websites that convert, use social media to gain customers, email marketing and automation and build and create video content, including shooting and editing video.

The Ideal Client

Ideal clients are growing companies that are ready to grow their online presence without having to build a digital marketing team that will run them over $250k per year. Or even a company that has had bad luck with their current digital marketing efforts which may include one or two employees that are simply not producing the results that they need and may need to be replaced.

I help bring a creative approach to digital marketing, by thinking outside the box and creating ideas that will cause most company owners to simply say “Wow”, because until they meet me, their digital marketing ideas were simply unrealistic dreams that they didn’t think they could afford to bring to fruition.

My Company: Speye Network

My main company is called Speyre Network. Speyre is pronounced like the throwing device, spear. Here is where most companies would get details about my services and free downloads that they can use for digital assessments. We also produce an 8-minuite newsletter that I invite you to join if you currently are a business professional, owner or simply want to stay in the know with the digital marketing space.

My Local Presence

On a local level, particularly in Savannah and Jacksonville, I am developing a local platform called Live Like Locals. This platform will be a marketplace for local businesses and marketed to locals and visitors. It will have a professional business network, a place to share some local ongoings and events in the city. There are also plans to create a platform on the site to help raise money for organizations by hosting events throughout the city and to raise money for families and individuals in financial need.

If you happen to live in either of those cities, Savannah or Jacksonville, we are creating a local newsletter to keep people informed, please feel free to join.

Final Thoughts

The last two years has been a journey for most of us, due to the pandemic, I just happened to have to deal with cancer in the process but I’m ready to move forward and hope that you follow allow as I continue to help other professionals and businesses grow in the digital world.

“Thank you for following my journey. I invite you to continue to follow my journey beyond cancer. I am developing a program called “Jose’s Heroes” where I create a platform for other cancer fighters to share their stories on my platform (Jose’s Warriors) and to also create opportunities to give financially back to individuals and families going through cancer.

You would be amazed how quickly we can help others, by becoming a ‘Jose’s Hero’ $10 per month, 33 cents a day, can really help us, I invite you to review our program. In the meantime, join our Today with José email updates below.”


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Exciting News to Share

Besides talking about my cancer journey, I want to share with you programs that I am working on that will help others in business, patients and caregivers with cancer and even young adult with education. I've realized that I need to #LIVELIFE different and really work on things that have more of an impact, so I invite you to join me on my journey. 


I'm so excited that you have chosen to join me on my journey.