“I’ve been in the digital marketing space for over 20 years, Let’s work together on your marketing?”

Digital/Print Consultation

For those looking to design print material like brochures and rack cards.

Social Media Consultation

For businesses looking to use social media to acquire new customers.

Website Evaluation Consultation

Businesses looking to improve their website for better customer acquisition

Digital Media Consultation

Companies looking to improve web, social, email and video marketing with the goal of acquiring new customers.

Digital Print Consultation

“Let’s talk marketing and graphics! By ordering a consultation we will be able to discuss your project and decide on what type marketing material you need…

  • Do you need a tri-fold brochure or does a one sheet 8.5 x 11 work best?
  • Do you need an actual printed document or should we design a digital document that can be shared online?
  • Maybe you need a combination of print and digital marketing and we build you a landing or sales page to direct your customers?

We can help you determine what will be your best option. Your $195 investment will go a long way in determining how you obtain future clients.

Social Media Consultation

“Is consistantly posting on social media not getting you the results you need to build your business? 

Are likes and shares simply not enough to justify paying for social media?

I have felt the same way when it comes to social media, but what I have discovered is that you need to spend the time to understand the changes that social media platforms make and how your particular business would take advantage of social media. It may be just as much fun as sitting down and understanding the latest tax codes and I bet you leave the taxes to the experts.

Let’s see if together we can help you acquire new customers through social media!”

Website Evaluation & Consultation

“Does your website just sit there, with no updates and no customer acquistion? Has it become that old tri-fold brochure with basic information about your business?

SEO Optimization, backlink strategies, mobile optimization… so much conflicting information… where do you start?

I feel your pain because just like social media, you simply need to not only understand the online digital changes but you also need to have experience with old school marketing. Your website can have all the bells and whistles but if you don’t understand how to build the site for the purpose of customer acquistion then all you have is a pretty website.

Let’s see if togethere we can develop a strategy that can help you develop a website that properly markets to your customers.


Digital Marketing Consultation

“Website marketing, email automation, develop video content, build a stronger social presence… where do you begin? 

You’re experiencing company growth and your digital marketing isn’t cohesive, the web guy handles updates, your social media person is actively posting, your email marketing produces limited results and video… well it happens whenever. 

Let’s put an end to having no strategy for developing a great online marketing campaign. We’ll spend some time talking and reviewing what’s currently happening, what your future sales goals look like and how we can implement those goals with the future use of all your digital marketing channels.