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Cancer is unforgiving. It can cause you to want to give up. I’m grateful that I have not allowed that feeling to overcome me. Instead, I find myself wanting to give back. I have connected with many other cancer warriors and want to help them make it through their journey in some way. But it’s not only cancer patients that I find myself wanting to give back to. As a previous educator I find myself wanting to help young adults have a better educational opportunity. As an entrepreneur, I want to support and help build programs that help small businesses prosper.

Thankfully, I have a supportive partner that I work well with and together we can create programs and strategies that are out of the box thinking, not just for ourselves but also for our clients.

I’m so glad to announce that we have created, Jose’s Heroes. It’s a giving program that helps us not only cope with cancer in our own home, but it gives us some extra resources both financially and intellectually from people that have experience in business, caregiving and in life. Depending on their level of involvement they can help us execute some interesting programs. It also opens up the opportunity for you to also help us give back. 

Corah Cares Program

One of those programs is called Corah Cares. It’s being developed to help support new cancer patients by offering an online orientation class that will walk new patients through what is to come. It will cover things like mental health, nutrition, and exercise, developing a caregiving team, introducing them to resources in their area, fundraising and so much more.

Young Adults Digital Marketing Program

The second will be a program designed to teach young adults digital marketing utilizing the Live Like Locals platform. Students beginning of the age or 14 years would learn skills like video production, editing, script writing, reporting, broadcasting, social media management, email marketing and so much more. This program is still in its infancy but with your help we’re going to start moving this program forward.

Why Now?

But you may ask, why now? I personally feel that these ideas especially the one with the young adults has been something that I have left on the back burner due to business and personal life circumstances. Cancer has made me realize that you need to be constantly working on things that matter to you. Before I was working towards building a business and working with other businesses and entrepreneurs on their digital media and that’s good. But it just didn’t feel like I was contributing to something that I would be passionate about, developing these programs would be something that would make me feel that I was giving back.

So, I’m now developing Jose’s Heroes because unfortunately without the proper finances in this world you can’t help anyone but now, together, we can build programs that can really make a difference. I invite you to become a hero, it’s simple, choose what type of Hero you would like to be and what monthly donation amount you feel comfortable with, and we’ll begin the process of building some awesome programs together.


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Besides talking about my cancer journey, I want to share with you programs that I am working on that will help others in business, patients and caregivers with cancer and even young adult with education. I've realized that I need to #LIVELIFE different and really work on things that have more of an impact, so I invite you to join me on my journey. 


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