Jose A. Rosa

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My Diagnosis: Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma
Date Diagnosed: April 5th, 2021
Things I like: The New York Yankees, a good workout, playing softball and basketball, salsa music and dancing, watching movies and tv, going for walks, bike rides, dog lover.

My Cancer Story…

In September of 2020 during the covid pandemic I began to have a minor cough along with some allergy symptoms which was normal for me but as the winter season came on, I began to feel worse.

By the end of December and entering 2021 I began to have a low fever which prompted me to see a doctor. First, it was a cold, that turned into needing a chest x-ray, that became a visit to a pulmonologist. This visit turned into a week stay at the hospital and it was finally discovered that I had Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Six months of treament and talks about being in remiscion was being spoken. Then one month after my final chemo session my cancer was back.

Now I face a bigger battle, one with a aggressive cancer that is trying to wipe me out. My next treatment is more aggressive and it involves a stem cell transplant. I’m sharing my story as I go and I invite you to join me in whatever platform you choose.


Dealing with Survivors Guilt

It has been a long journey from where we started back in December of 2020, the first signs of me feeling sick in the middle of the pandemic, to almost 2 years of battling cancer. But the real challenge now is moving forward. Doctors really can’t prepare you for...

A Life Changing Experience

As I look back now to my time in the hospital during my stem cell transplant, which has only been about a month ago as of the time of this writing, the feeling that overwhelms me is helplessness. The fact that all I did was lay in my hospital bed and do nothing....


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Exciting News to Share

Besides talking about my cancer journey, I want to share with you programs that I am working on that will help others in business, patients and caregivers with cancer and even young adult with education. I've realized that I need to #LIVELIFE different and really work on things that have more of an impact, so I invite you to join me on my journey. 


I'm so excited that you have chosen to join me on my journey.