Unity in the Community

Serving the Savannah, Richmond Hill GA Community


Unity in the Community, INC is a non-profit that promotes unity though culturally diverse fun events and educational activities for youth and families, inclusive of all ethnicities.

These events attempt to help people meet people’s educational, physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual needs. We include educational activities that help youth develop new skills, regardless of their race or nationality.

  • Diversity is an inclusive concept that embraces everyone. It encompasses race, age, and gender; people with different physical and mental abilities; people from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Culture can be defined as the way of life that is created, learned, held in common and passed on from one generation to the next by members of a given society. Culture includes mores, values, traditions, customs, social behavior, philosophy of life, and worldviews that are shared by a group of people bound together by a common history, geographic location, and language.


Artist, Crafters & Entertainment Festival –every 3rd weekend of the month on Savannah’s River Street 


Website: www.unityinthecommunity.org

Phone: 912-495-8838

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Exciting News to Share

Besides talking about my cancer journey, I want to share with you programs that I am working on that will help others in business, patients and caregivers with cancer and even young adult with education. I've realized that I need to #LIVELIFE different and really work on things that have more of an impact, so I invite you to join me on my journey. 


I'm so excited that you have chosen to join me on my journey.